I just… Really wanna cry …

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Thus beginning me doing whatever I want.

She can threaten me by “breaking my teeth”all she wants, IDC. Her friends piss me off, she pisses me off so imma do whatever I want now *shrug*
If she was fucking responsible, I wouldn’t be cranky. If she stopped being a gold digger, maybe just maybe, her kids won’t be acting up.

I’m not the only one, my lil bro and baby sis are acting up cause she isn’t being responsible. *shrug* I honestly don’t care. Moms these days are just getting on my last nerves. First my best friend’s & now mine. Smfh. Keep this up lady, when I have my money yew won’t be getting shit. I’ll literally disappear and yew’ll be alone.
Smfh. *shrug*

It’s too early for this stress.

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She pulls the camouflage blouse close to her chest, it belongs to him… Her boyfriend, she misses him so much so she sprayed the perfume he wears all the time on it. Her brown eyes close and inhales the smell, a smile tugging on her lips. The perfume intoxicates her as she remembers when he held her when they laid on her bed, “it feels like he’s here with me…” She mumbles in the shirt, pulling it closer. She inhales again, the sweet smell of Victoria’s Secret Angel perfume travels inside her nostrils bringing back memories of when he was home.

"You can stay?" His voice rings in her head, remembering the night she slept over. He was smiling at her, it was already half passed 11, she should’ve been home by now.

"She said I can stay…" She says in the memory, nearly whispering it. "… My mom said I can stay!" She cheers and tackles him down in a hug. He chuckles as she brings him down then their lips locked… The electric feeling rushed through her body, fireworks explode in her stomach as his arms wrap around her. She let’s out a sigh of happiness on the kiss.

Her eyes open, back to reality, a smile was plastered on her face. She held the blouse and nuzzled her face into it and inhaled the intoxicating smell once again, letting the wonderful memories flow into her mind, letting her heart, body and soul encounter the feelings she has when he was home.

He was intoxicating, almost addicting. She loved it, she loved him.

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It’s official. I seriously don’t like anybody in my house.

My mom. I don’t like her.
Kelly. Tolerable but ugh.
Kevin. I hate him.
Nana. Don’t like.
Lil bro. Don’t like.
Sam. I love her.
That’s it.

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Just A Regular Night

Missing him more tonight, maybe it’s cause i heard his voice about an hour ago. I heard his laughter, his chuckle, the words falling out of his mouth and i couldn’t help but think about the time we spent together when he was home. Damn I wish he just decided to kiss me earlier, maybe the first day we hung out — Dave and Busters. I had so much fun, and the days after that, well let’s just say everything fell right into place the moment he said “I have a surprise for you.” I knew he was going to kiss me, but I had to play along. I didn’t want to ruin his plan, I thought it was cute. Then the necklace, my best friends seemed overly excited about us, so was, I knew exactly why : Finally have a good one. The time we had they’re was short, but every minute we spent together felt like I was either dreaming or felt like I was in a movie… Just perfect. Then things got sad when I realized that he’s leaving… Soon. It’ll be like that every time abs honestly… I was day for it — I AM ready for it cause well… Cause I Love Him… 💖☺😊
I’m wearing the blouse to his cammies to sleep tonight. Why? Well cause I miss him that’s why, and besides, I’m comfortable AF. It feels like he’s here with me too (:

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teen quotes, following everyone back


teen quotes, following everyone back


The only name that ruins my entire day, it reminds me of my mother’s boyfriend. At first it was Joel — my best friend’s brother. Now, its Joel — my mom’s annoying boyfriend. I was wondering why things were disappearing from the house so quickly, but now I know since my mom answered.
“Where’s the other pack of mac and cheese mom?”
“Joel ate it.”
“Where’s the other bottle of mixed fruits?”
“Joel ate it.”
“I thought we had more juice than that.”
“Joel took most of it, he needed it.”
“Where’s our soup, jello, cereal, bread, cheese—”
“I brought it to Joel, he needs it more.”

-__- and that was just from today and two days ago. Yeah, I hate the guy. I should be happy at the fact that my mom is never home, but when she is, she tends to take out any anger she’s been holding to me like… Bitch, no. I hate her boyfriend -_-

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Yew know yew get hype when yew finish taking a piss and it’s clear.

Yes I’m weird … Lol

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